Your Ultimate Guide To The Best BJJ Gi.

by Mike Falco on August 02, 2023

Sega Gi
Are you starting your BJJ journey?

First, let us be the first to say: Congratulations! We're pumping our fists on your behalf.

You’ve entered an exciting, exhilarating new world. Over time, you’ll gain an appreciation for and proficiency in a rare martial art form that allows you to express yourself with your body. 

You’ll gain various transferable skills, athletically or in other aspects of life (e.g., problem-solving, teamwork, and taking instructions).

We’ll say with the utmost confidence that entering BJJ will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. You’ll forge unbreakable bonds with instructors and teammates and enhance your sense of self-belief.

Even better, we have it on good authority that committing to BJJ will turn you into a straight-up bada**. 

However, this landing page isn’t only for those starting their BJJ journey. It’s also for novices who’ve been working on this physical craft for a short time and veterans who’ve been at it for years (and those in between).

Practitioners who’ve been involved with BJJ–even briefly–know this grappling-based martial art's beauty and uniqueness. You’ve felt your confidence swell and noticed your athletic prowess reach new heights.

While fine-tuning techniques and progressing are your general objectives, BJJ has many other nuances and specificities: like choosing the best BJJ gi.


What Is A BJJ Gi?

A BJJ gi is the outfit you wear during training. It’s a variation of the judo keikogi. 

The standard BJJ gi includes a heavy cotton jacket. A belt communicating rank holds up reinforced drawstring pants. 

While you can train for no-gi BJJ–this is often suggested for MMA combatants–wearing a gi improves your grip. Thus, you can hone and execute techniques that can’t be performed without one.

Ideally, a healthy mix of gi and no-gi grappling will make you a well-rounded martial artist. That said, training with a BJJ gi is ideal when learning from an instructor, who can be more pinpoint and direct with their instructions because of the better grip.

Superior body command is another benefit when training in a BJJ gi. The fabric absorbs sweat and causes friction with your partner, offering more freedom of movement. 

Plus, you’ll have to use timing and body positioning to perform escapes instead of slipping out when you’re sweaty. This feature vastly improves your defensive techniques.

As the above points suggest, a BJJ gi offers many advantages to practitioners of this storied, grappling-based martial art. Yet, not all are made the same. Different BJJ gi styles and makes serve different purposes.


Why Is Finding The Best BJJ Gi So Important?

Will your BJJ gi turn you into a Gracie brother or Jacare overnight? Not quite.

A BJJ gi doesn’t make the grappler. However, while substandard attire and equipment will fail you at the worst times, the appropriate gear sets you up for success during training and competitions. 

Consider this metaphor: 

Giving someone a high-end paintbrush doesn’t make them an artist. Still, equipping an experienced, highly skilled artist with the type of paintbrush that best suits their approach will generate optimal results. They’re likely to paint the next Mona Lisa.

Finding the best BJJ gi necessitates a similar philosophy. What gi will help you perform at your best based on your current skill level and approach to grappling and rolling?

That’s a complicated question. BJJ is a nuanced sport, and every person is different. Plus, it’s not only functionality that matters. How we look often aligns with how we perform. For many, their appearance is a source of pride, an attitude that overlaps with one's commitment to and passion for BJJ.

Below, we’ll examine the best BJJ gis for specific needs:


The Best BJJ Gi For Beginners- The Pinnacle!

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At Holdfast, our Kimonos are our trademark and flagship. They’re high-quality and a regular/beloved choice of our customers (aka grapplers like yourself).

Recently, however, we’ve given our signature BJJ gi a makeover–providing a sleek, tight, and stylish aesthetic touch that’ll encourage you to go to class just to show off your new threads. 

The Pinnacle BJJ Gi (in black) is our pick for top starter gi due to its cost-efficient pricing combined with an enhanced level of quality that will help you get your training started on the right foot.

When you start training, one potential deterrent can be discomfort caused by your BJJ gi (if you choose the wrong one).

Training in a BJJ gi heavy with sweat can be highly unpleasant. While BJJ is meant to test you, we all have our limits, especially when we’re just starting out. 

Our designers incorporated CoolMax liner into the inner shoulder and stress points of the Pinnacle BJJ Gi. This washable, knitted material wicks moisture as humidity and the resulting perspiration increase. 

Additionally, the fabric is pre-shrunk to reduce excess shrinkage and fading. Thus, your starter BJJ gi will remain in good condition until it’s time to level up to a more rugged or performance-oriented gi.

There’s also our “Victory Is Always Possible” TAG–the best-looking one in the game. Plus, there’s the precise, eye-catching embroidery of our updated HFFG shortened logo and our time-honored Holdfast logo.


The Best Lightweight BJJ Gi- The Sega Gi

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On the surface, lightweight always sounds like it’ll give you an advantage in your performance. To that point, most practitioners prefer to avoid wearing a heavy, cumbersome BJJ gi in a hot gym (note: even an air-conditioned gym can start to feel hot when you’ve been rolling for a while). 

Unfortunately, there are two common setbacks a lightweight BJJ gi can often face:

  1. Durability is often an issue. How can less heavy-duty materials withstand the continual friction, sweat, and general wear and tear of a rugged activity like grappling?
  2. Lightweight material runs the risk of becoming sopping wet with sweat faster than something more robust. There’s less material to soak, so it would naturally dampen more rapidly.

Often, these two issues are enough to scare people away from a lightweight BJJ gi. Enter Holdfast’s Sega Ultra-Lite Gi–boasting stunning Blue accents and 10-ounce super-soft twill pants. It's as durable as it is highly comfortable and stylish.

The Coolmax liner inserted into stress points and inner shoulders keeps you cool and the material dry.

This soft, ultra-lite BJJ gi will feel like rolling in a cloud when you hit the mats. It uses the 300 gsm Star Weave–a new innovation. 

Our Sega Gi in Light-Grey also has spot-on “Sega” lettering embroidery.

Did you know that Sega means reaping in Portuguese? On that note, you’ll be reaping the benefits of graceful movements in a reliable BJJ gi that holds firm against wear and tear.


The Best BJJ Gi For Competition- The Pinnacle Clean White Edition

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Many factors go into choosing the best BJJ gi for competitions.

One such factor is durability. You need a BJJ gi that can withstand punishment and won’t fail you during competition. 

Yet, you won't necessarily require the most durable BJJ gi. After all, a massive gap exists between being very durable and the most durable. 

While tough materials are a must, remember that you’ll only wear this gi to compete. You’ll be wearing your practice BJJ gi far more often. Competitions aren’t as frequent as training, meaning performance should be prioritized over durability.

A slim fit is a vital, performance-based attribute of a BJJ gi for competitions. Typically, a closer fit–like what you’ll experience with Holdfast's Pinnacle Gi in white–means the fabric is lighter. So, you’ll be able to move on the mats with the agility of a jungle cat. 

Furthermore, the close fit you’ll enjoy with our Pinnacle Gi in white will make it challenging for opponents to grab you, giving you a competitive edge. 

Rules are something else you have to weigh. Almost all gis will be acceptable in a practice scenario. Conversely, competitions have regulations limiting the kind of BJJ gi you can wear.

On the above note, there’s a reason we’ve designated the Pinnacle in white as our best BJJ gi for competitions: it’s 100% legal in the eyes of the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF). It adheres to the organization's color, thickness, fit, material, and decency/hygiene standards.

The Pinnacle BJJ Gi in white is second to none, sharing all features (aside from color) with the black Pinnacle Gi discussed earlier, including:

  • CoolMax liner on stress points and inner shoulder for moisture wicking and keeping you dry while you compete.
  • Sublimated honeycomb pattern to add a unique aesthetic flair that sets you apart from your opponent.
  • The new shortened HFFG and traditional Holdfast logos are embroidered in our typical spot-on fashion.
  • 450 gms pearl woven cotton jacket that’s pre-shrunk and washed to prevent fading and shrinking.

There's also the “Victory Is Always Possible” tag. Nothing is more fitting for competition day. You can look to these words for inspiration when facing stiff competition and pushing yourself to your limits. 

You'll present yourself as a seasoned grappler when you turn up to competitions in the Pinnacle Gi in white. As such, you’ll enjoy a psychological advantage even before engaging your opponent.


The Best BJJ Gi In The Game For Training- The Kanja Gi

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When we made the Kanji Gi, we aimed to make the best BJJ gi for competitions. Specifically, we designed something incredibly lightweight but still exceptionally durable. 

The Kanji Gi mixes reliability and robustness with style and panache. 

Wearing the Kanji Gi is the ultimate flex for any BJJ practitioner. You’ll look like the refined combatant that you are. Yet, these eye-catching aesthetics don't disrupt performance. 

Our 300 gsm Star Weave and sharp details in red will only serve to accentuate your excellence as you move with seamless fluidity in the lightest, softest, and most durable gi we make. 

The CoolMax liner on the stress points and inner shoulders will keep your perspiration under control, further enhancing your performance. 

Other features include:

  • Kanji lettering and traditional Holdfast logo (both with spot-on embroidery).
  • Sublimated textured glass pattern.
  • Low shrink rate.

We are 100% serious when saying this is the lightest gi we’ve ever designed. You’ll move so swiftly that even your instructor may have difficulty keeping up!

Perhaps, for the above reasons, the IBJJF has told us that the Kanji BJJ Gi isn’t legal for competition. We can only guess it'll give those wearing it too much of an edge.

All the same, we've ensured this gi follows all competition rules. Thus, it’s the ideal practice gi before a competition. You can wear it every day without worrying about it succumbing to wear and tear while knowing you’ll always be comfortable on the mat (unless you’re locked in a kimura or rear-naked choke).

This is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best BJJ gi we make at Holdfast. 

Yes–all of our products are of a high level of quality. Yet, our Kanj Gi is a cut above. It’s a result of years spent perfecting our craft and learning the ins and outs of BJJ and practitioners’ needs.


Simplify Your Path To Success In BJJ.

When faced with the many-faceted, complex world of BJJ, it’s easy to overlook the basics. One can get lost in the sauce of trying to perfect a gogoplata or a twister, for instance.

So, something like choosing the best BJJ gi for your physical needs and current training stage can get ignored. 

Regardless, having the correct gi will set you up for success. It will equip you to perform at your best, whether you are a beginner or a ninth-degree red belt.

These notions might seem overly simple and straightforward for such a cerebral sport. Yet, your choice in gi can make a significant difference as you progress.


Looking For More Than The Best BJJ Gi? Look No Further.

Holdfast Fight Gear designs banger after banger when it comes to our gis. 

Still, BJJ gis are only part of our package. Our broader selection of fighting gear is the best in the biz…we’re not too shy to admit it. Register with us today to shop on our webpage, then check out our catalog of high-quality apparel

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