Daruma SS Rash Guard
Daruma SS Rash Guard
Daruma SS Rash Guard
Daruma SS Rash Guard
Daruma SS Rash Guard
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Daruma SS Rash Guard

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    The Daruma is a symbol of the founder of Zen Buddhism Bodhidharma who was known for his more extreme practices such as spending an entire decade with his eyes kept wide open. This is reflected in the look of the doll and becomes a representation of watchfulness and awareness. It is common as in the case of the Holdfast Daruma Rash Guard and Kimono for the initial Daruma doll to only have one eye painted with an iris. The dolls are created in some regions as toys but in others, the dolls are made to contain a wish or goal made by the owner.

    Traditionally an iris (or pupil) is later painted onto the blank spaces when a wish has been fulfilled. In this way, the Daruma doll is a representation of that wish and a reminder or motivator for the owner to strive towards their goals. . The Daruma doll is seen as a symbol of perseverance and good luck, as well as a symbol that embodies motivation and goal setting.

    The phrase "Nana Korobi Yaoki" is also synonymous with Daruma ... the meaning is fall down 7 and gets up 8 .....
    It's a meaning that embodies the essence of Holdfast fight gear ...NEVER GIVE UP!! VICTORY IS ALWAYS POSSIBLE

    Beautiful detail on printed Multi-layered printing gives a depth to the end product that must be seen in person
    Daruma doll on top of sublayer printing of Japanese fan pattern. "Holdfast" printed in kanji on both sleeves

    Black and red print with red stitching looks great as a compliment to the Daruma kimono or for NOGI action

    - Super-Soft and durable 82% Polyester 18% Spandex blend
    - Beautifully sublimated printing
    - Durable flatlock stitch construction
    - Side Panel design for improved fit

      Color: Blue, Purple, White
      Size: 20, 24
      Material: 100% Polyester


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