FAQ (&)(!)

How fast do you ship orders?  We ship all orders within 3 business days.  Typically we ship next business day, but just in case we like to say "3"

Where are your Gis designed and made?  We are based in New York.   All the designs come influenced from our experiences here in the NY Hard Core, BJJ and Tattoo communities.  Our Gis are manufactured in Pakistan and China with a vendors  that we've developed a great relationship with.  We tried many manufacturers and we've got ones that meets our standards for fit, durability and style.

What the heck does "Competition Cut" mean?  To us it means, a slimmer fit with less material for your opponents to grab on to.  We've designed the Gis to be very durable though and always IBJJF legal unless otherwise noted.

What are your sizes?

A1 = 5'2" - 5'6" 120-145 lbs

A2 = 5'6" - 5'10" 145-170 lbs

A3 = 5'8" - 6' 170-200 lbs

A3S = 6' - 6'5" 190 - 220 lbs

A4 = 6' - 6'5" 220-250 lbs

Do you design custom Gis?  Of course we do - we work with many schools to design Gis that are consistent with their color schemes and include their logos and branding.  If you're interested in exploring the world of custom Gis, send an email to holdfastfightgear@gmail.com

What is your return policy?  You can return unwashed and unworn merchandise within 14 days of receipt of order.  If you are exchanging for a different size, we will ship the replacement items to you at no cost. 

I'd like to wholesale your mint Gis and apparel in my store or academy.  Do you have wholesale accounts?  Yes we do - let's talk about it!  holdfastfightgear@gmail.com

Any additional questions, please email us at holdfastfightgear@gmail.com